For anyone, be it seasoned or fairly new to the VO world, this class is a must!  Jen and Elizabeth bring a deep reservoir of skill, expertise, honesty and passion to a class built around training your ear to listen to what copy is saying, find the intent of the copy, and how you can be part of the viewer/listener experience. Couple that with their incredible perspective as Casting Directors, breadth of understanding of the "self record/at home" set up needed, a super fun Zoom class format that they execute flawlessly, and you have a truly educational, enlightening and exciting 6 weeks.  

– Steve Sincero – Voice Over Artist

Thank you so much for your amazing class! I've been taking more than a few online classes since this whole thing started and your class by far is the best structured, efficient, thoughtful and engaging class I've taken. I don't know how you did it but you managed to take an in person feeling and comradery and make it work in the virtual world!! So good! (I'm having classmate withdrawal!!)

I learned so much and my audition reads have become so much better! (thank you!!) But the most important thing I learned from you both is how to have a "critical ear",  I am able to listen to my auditions with an ear to who the demographic is and what the brand is. I think this class is going to get even better and I look forward to taking it again later down the line or IN PERSON!!! ( we can dream!)

– Siho Ellsmore – Voice Over Artist

Elizabeth & Jen: It’s been a while since my class experience with you ended back in August, and I just realized I never sent a thank you! That self-direction class was one of the few classes I’ve taken as an actor that actually felt designed to give me the tools to succeed on my own. I learned so much from you guys and the others in the class. I’m still trying to slow down, consider the client, and do my research! Truly, it’s one of the best classes I’ve taken and I’m a fan for life. 

– Alyssa Block  Voice Over Artist

Elizabeth: So, I met with Pam at Buchwald and it went really well. She wanted to send me out for a month or so and just sorta feel me out kinda thing. And last Thursday I went to Buchwald to record for a role in this animated Where’s Waldo spinoff. I thought it went well and everything and she emailed me a few hours later and offered to sign me for Commercial/promo/animation VO. Sooo, YAYYAYA! I am so excited! Just thrilled! This couldn’t have happened without all your help. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me. 

– Rebekah Stellick  Voice Over Artist

Erik brings total professionalism to his work process, also while providing a comfortable environment for talent, regardless of experience. His stellar direction and copy breakdown allowed me to give my best with every passing read. In addition, as a skilled casting director, Erik's background provides an invaluable facet of insight. Anyone in VO should jump at the learning opportunity Erik consistently delivers with his expertise.

– Shanna Quackenbush  Voice Over Artist

Working with Vanessa has been nothing but a positive experience for our daughter and for our family!

The training she provides, the knowledge about the VO business that she shares, the guidance in setting up our home studio and the countless hours she’s committed to assisting our daughter with her demo and with her auditions has been invaluable. She’s been instrumental in helping us to set our daughter on her career path - we couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks so much to Vanessa and to Shut Up & Talk!

– Lisa Ciriello– Parent

Elizabeth: I just wanted to update you on how things have been going since our session. Auditions have been SO much more fun and interesting now that I have some guidelines to follow. And I just booked a radio campaign for Coke that records tomorrow and I know it's because of how clear I was on the copy. I can't express my gratitude for your help and guidance.

– Adriana Degirolami  Voice Over Artist

My daughter used Vanessa to learn VO skills through remote private lessons and to create a VO demo. Vanessa was fantastic with my daughter and my daughter created a great demo, all from her closet during COVID. Vanessa spent countless hours with us helping us to perfect our “home studio” and sound.   The Shut up and Talk office then put it together for her in a final demo reel, of great quality and diverse examples of her work. Since then, my daughter booked a VO for a small indie film and more recently a TV Demo.

– Jody Googel  Parent

I just wanted to say thank you again for  the workshop. I was very hesitant because of the remote learning situation but when I got the email early in July saying you still had a couple of openings for this session I decided to go for it. It was the best decision I’ve made this year! You and Jen did a terrific job of dealing with each of us in our current levels and situations. You helped me to realize that not only do I have work to do, but gave me self-knowledge and tools to improve myself and my efforts in the v. o. world. And on top of all that you did in in a fun, caring, and supportive way - I’m really happy I took the workshop.

– Richard Ross – Voice Over Artist

"Erik Sanchez is a professional at the top of his game.  He’s positive, kind, and open to new ideas.  I love working with Erik because he makes everything about the voiceover process seamless and clean.  With Erik in the studio you feel 100% heard and taken care of as a voiceover artist.  Erik encourages you to tap into parts of your imagination that completely elevate the words off the page.  And because he’s so fun to collaborate with, the time flies by!” 

– Annie Ward – Voice Over Artist

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for hosting probably one of my favorite classes I've ever taken (acting classes included!) over these last 6 weeks. When this last Monday rolled around I was so sad to not be logging into our zoom sphere and seeing everyone's smiling faces. You both did an amazing job of setting such a warm, fun and supportive tone that I couldn't help but be on cloud nine after every class. Not to mention the fact that I learned A TON and the feedback was always extremely helpful and informative. Thank you for generously offering up all the knowledge you've gained over the years and for shepherding our lovely class towards great work. 

– Rachel Bar-Gadda – Voice Over Artist

Vanessa is truly one of the best artistic coaches I've ever had in any medium. She not only walked me through how to build my home studio from scratch on MY budget, but she also made equipment recommendations for when I'm ready to upgrade. Always incredibly responsive over email, she answered all my questions about unions, representation, and what spots would be appropriate for me to go for within 24 hours. Our process of putting together my demo was extremely collaborative and she tailored the material to showcase every color of my voice. I couldn't be happier with it! I'm currently freelancing with several VO agencies and have booked a handful of non-union podcast commercials. For someone who is only pursuing VO part-time, I am really proud of how far I've come. I credit Vanessa completely with setting me up for all the success I've had so far. Thank you! 

– Alicia Hartz – Voice Over Artist