private Coaching

Private coaching is a fantastic learning environment for individuals at all levels in their voice over career. Each coaching session is an hour long and will directly fine-tune your voice over skills and technique. You will read scripts of varying styles in each coaching session. One of our coaches will design a personalized plan for you based on your level and experience that will help you grow as an artist and hone your own unique and marketable voice. Private coaching is also great for audition prep. If you have a big audition coming up and want to sharpen your skills, a private coaching will leave you feeling confident so you can book the job! 


A Private Coaching is $125 per hour with any of our coaches. To be introduce

I just finished my Graco recording session and I wanted to say Thank You to Elizabeth for being such an incredible coach. I felt prepared and ready to work thanks to your guidance.

– Val Snow – Voice Over Artist