Jen Sukup

Coaching $125 Per hour

Jennifer Sukup has been a casting director for over fifteen years, specializing in voice-over independently as well as through several prominent casting offices in New York, including Pamela Fahey Casting, VO Syndicate, Big Yellow Duck, Doreen Frumkin Casting, Oink Ink, Broadcasters, Don Case Casting, and Sound Lounge.  Jennifer has cast hundreds of television and radio spots, animation, and industrials.


Recent credits include American Express, NY Lottery, AWAL, Cosentyx, Samsung, Quicken, Aetna, Staples, WB Mason, Amazon, Gund, Phillips, JC Penney, Dunkin Donuts, Woolite, Staples, La Mer, Ensure, CocoaVia, Dymo, Lincoln Motors, Facebook, Battle 360, and Ubisoft. Last year she completed US casting for the animated series Bing with Jen Rudin. She recently completed an independent short film called This isn’t Happening as well as a new animated series called Floribella and a reboot of the animated series Rescue Bots. 


As well as teaching her own beginner VO Class, Voice Over A to Z, she also currently offers a six-week VO workshop with Elizabeth Bunnell at Shut Up and Talk, and is also a private VO coach and a resume consultant to actors, her services ranging from editing and reformatting to creating their resume from scratch. 



Voice Over A-Z 
with Elizabeth & Jen



January 31st, 2021

6 pm - 8 pm 

(May go later
depending on class size)


The Voice Actor at HOME
with Elizabeth & Jen