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We have just started offering classes and coaching via Zoom. Our first classes have gone online!

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Classes are great for all levels of voice over. Whether you're new to voice over or a seasoned pro, the group dynamic is always a great way to learn. Group classes allow you to hear many different interpretations of the same voice over copy and see first hand which choices work and which choices don't. The teachers create a positive and supportive environment which will help you feel free to try new things in a safe and friendly place. All classes are hosted by Hyperbolic Audio — a leading audio post facility that has and continues to record and produce projects for all media.


Voice Over A-Z with Jen Sukup


The VO Low Down ONLINE



Cracking the VO Code

Coming again SOON!!


Nobody else can break down a piece of commercial copy like Ed. His direction in class and in the recording booth makes any voice over script simple and fun. ? He knows exactly how to coach an actor so that your choices during a read will be direct and clear.

– Zachary Green – Voice Over Artist